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Adventure Capitalist

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adventuree capitalistAdventure Capitalist is an arcade simulator game, in which players will have to build and develop their “money” empires, passing the journey from a poor man to billionaire. This means that you have to make lemonade from lemons and sell at profit, to get enough money to purchase newspaper shop. And only after this you will be able to move to higher segments of businesses. With time you will even be able to purchase your own Oil Company. Hire managers, purchase profit maximizing upgrades and attract angel-investors, multiplying your income. Start the game and try to become really rich man! At first you have only selling point and 100$ in your pocket. You have to do everything yourself -you click to produce lemonade and collect money. Keep doing it several times until enough money is collected to open a new point or hire a smart manager, who by the way will work even when you are completely away from your business (i.e. offline). After that everything goes just like in movies, according to “American Dream”: after you get enough money from newspaper shop, you get car wash, pizza delivery, shrimp shop, hockey team, bank and Oil Company in the end. Each business can be improved to give you more profit. At some point you will get to unbelievable numbers, and you will realize that there is absolutely no enough money for the next upgrade, but you want all the business bring more income and don`t want to wait too long. So in those cases you have several choices: you can sell all of your actives to angel investors, start the game from the very beginning but with huge bonuses or simply don`t turn the game several days, so that enough money is gathered on your account. To be honest the game is rather simple, has easy to understand interface and rather pretty graphics. Just like in real business – everything is done to maximize efficiency. Excellent game with absorbing gameplay and nice realization, you must try it!

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